Friday, 21 April 2017

Anderson's No Thai Bride - He's A Prize Pig

Image Source: Daily Mail
Written By: Scott Gunnion

It came as no surprise with the news that outgoing Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, had set his sights on the ultra-safe Commons seat of Liverpool Walton, the very seat currently - but only temporarily - being kept warm by Anderson's prevailing rival for the Liverpool Region Mayoralty, Steve Rotheram.

You could call it an official trade - one job for another.

If you ask me, Joe Anderson gets a bad rap.

I often find myself on the receiving end of his (seemingly) insurmountable number of critics. So too do I often absorb innumerate casual references to corruption, incompetence and an alleged penchant for "backhanders". All non-founded and no proof has ever been offered up, from my experience. But said accusations are often condemning by virtue of their very existence.

He hasn't got a bad heart. His suits may be ill-fitted, but his sincerity isn't in doubt.

And I don't think he'll ever be at the centre of "Operation Yam" - the name of a potential future prostitution or abuse scandal like Operation Yewtree and its sister investigation.

Rotheram relinquishing his seat in Parliament - the safest Labour seat in the country - and, by my estimations, the only in which the winning candidate achieved in excess of 80% of the vote, has created a natural opening for Anderson.

Being Labour's safest seat, it would ordinarily be fiercely sought after and contended by the creme de la creme of Labour's most esteemed and distinguished consortium of budding candidates.

But due to the snap election, candidates are likely to be imposed on local constituency associations by central organisations.

It is bluntly obvious that Anderson is the perfect candidate and would be a fierce advocate for the interests of Liverpool Walton.

He would be ill-inclined to divert his attentions away from politics in favour of the enticing carousel of corporate offerings and directorships likely to fall at his feet as he exits the Mayoralty. He has no background in business and, I strongly suspect, no appetite for a second life in the private sector.

It is nothing but a natural progression for somebody who, for five years as Major, has enjoyed an imposing public profile and enviable name recognition.

Being Mayor of Liverpool offers an unparalleled bully pulpit. There is a minimal number of big city mayors in the UK. Liverpool is unique in its full frontal embrace of the big city mayoralty and always has been.

Anderson is a dependable fixture on the Sunday morning news programmes, bestowing upon him the fruits of a largely unrivalled platform from which to speak up for the city, the region and its interests.

Anderson's fierce doggedness and obvious passion would make for a ferocious backbencher in what is likely to be a strong Tory government with an imposing majority.

So too would Anderson's well-fined media skills make him both high-profile and high-calibre. He would stand out in what is likely destined to be a shrunken parliamentary party, bereft of talent with the mass exodus of experienced MPs in marginal seats and the high number of largely-inexperienced, novice newly-elected MPs potentially likely to be elected lacking the benefits of his extensive local government experience and the skills and talents that come with it.

Walton could do far worse than Anderson. If anything, he is the ideal candidate.

Reports of Jeremy Corbyn's son Seb being parachuted in by the central party should be cause for concern.

But when push comes to shove - rather the bitch than the pup.

But that's just my opinion.

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